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26 March 2015 08:54:33
Cupcake “Cherry”
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Корзина покупок

Welcome to UkrEco-Klhib!

Technology of producing “UkrEco-Khlib” food is one of the unique technologies, which are known nowadays.

The company has fully adapted the technology of producing bakery, rusks and confectionary from sprouted grain without yeast, flour, chemical baking powder. The main aim of the production is grain and hoppy inoculums and natural ingredients. That is why the products of the company “UkrEco-Khlib” have health properties. And the technology, developed by the specialists of the company, gives the possibility to provide natural fermentation of grain in industrial conditions. In the process of this fermentation a large spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats and carbohydrates are produced, as well as maximum their content in ready products is preserved. All substances regulate, restore and stabilize the correct action of vital functions of the body at any age, increase immunity. Such vitamins as PP, C, E are necessary for stimulation of sexual function, normal function of muscle and nervous cells etc. Vitamin B complex is necessary for full-fledged work of heart-vascular system, muscles and vision. And fiber removes toxins from the body, stimulates intestinal motility.

UkrEco-Klhib is your healthy products!